DMG receives financing from European Union Malaria Fund

DMG to receive financing to develop Fos-Clin-Art - a triple combination therapy for severe malaria

On June 1, 2021, DMG Deutsche Malaria GmbH conclude a contract with the EU Malaria Fund (EUMF) to receive €2.7 million for the development of DMG’s antimalarial triple combination therapy. The therapy consists of three known drugs: fosmidomycin, clindamycin, and artesunate (Fos-Clin-Art).
DMG is a Hamburg-based company, founded in 2003 to fight malaria. DMG together with Prof. Kremsner’s group at the University of Tübingen is developing this new combination therapy for Plasmodium falciparum malaria. The triple combination Fos-Clin-Art aims at improving the outcome of both the severe and life-threatening Plasmodium falciparum malaria and of concomitant bacteriaemia. Together, fosmidomycin and clindamycin cover the full spectrum of gram-negative and gram-positive bacteria, and also possess excellent intrinsic antimalarial activity additive to artesunate. Since all three substances have a short half-life, the triple combination is expected to ameliorate and shorten the duration of the needed treatment. The EUMF funding supports DMG’s efforts to conduct the clinical development of Fos-Clin-Art with an overall participant number of more than 5.000 patients in Africa, especially children with severe malaria. 
Dr. David Hutchinson, Managing Director of DMG, said: “As a recipient, DMG acknowledges the major contribution of the EUMF in facilitating the financing of projects of public health significance where funding is not ordinarily available. This initiative endorses the Company’s objective to develop novel and improved therapies for malaria which are both safe and affordable for vulnerable populations at greatest risk from the disease. DMG expresses its sincere gratitude for the financial support it receives from the EUMF and applauds the establishment of this funding initiative.”      
Holm Keller, Co-Managing Director of EUMF and Chairman of kENUP Foundation said: “We are very excited about this investment and hope it can contribute by bringing this much needed malaria therapeutic into the clinic”.


The English press release can be accessed here, a version in German language is available here


Signature of Finance Contract between EU Malaria Fund and DMG Deutsche Malaria GmbH

Video of the Ceremony with statements of leading scientists in the field

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