The Hamburg Malaria Project

From Die Welt, 10 Oct, 2016, original article by O. Preuss

In its today issue, the renowned daily German newspaper „Die Welt“ published a well-researched article on the promising malaria therapeutic project of Jomaa Pharma.

Die Welt states that Jomaa Pharma is probably just about to face the breakthrough of a next generation anti-malarial therapy comprising fosmidomycin and piperaquine with outstading efficacy and safety proven in a series of clinical studies.

The article has a brief historical look at Dr Hassan Jomaa’s discovery that fosmidomycin kills malaria parasites. The company Jomaa Pharma was founded on the basis of Hassan Jomaa’s work at the University of Gießen from the time just after the turn of the millennium. The company has its premises in Hamburg and in the vicinity of London and is being managed by Dr David Hutchinson, a medical doctor with a lifetime’s experience in malaria research. While its Managing Director is an English Gentleman, Jomaa Pharma’s investors are private German individuals supporting the principle of pan-European business collaboration.

As Die Welt points out, an unusual feature of the company Jomaa Pharma is that its achievements and state of drug development would rather be expected from a Big Pharma Company with hundreds of millions of Euros to fund its work. In Jomaa Pharma’s case the development has been financed with „only“ around 5 million Euros by a handful of highly commited private investors, among them a number of Hamburg merchants.

However, Die Welt notes that entering into Phase III Clinical Trials as a next step, now, as the trials carried out in collaboration with the Albert-Schweitzer Zentrum in Lambarene, Gabon, have been completed with outstanding success, will require funding far beyond the means of the present investors.

Dr Rolf Strittmatter, CEO of the Hamburg Business Development Corporation and Hamburg Marketing promised to actively support Jomaa Pharma’s fundraising. Die Welt says that he wants the new therapeutic to become a success for both th company and Hamburg as a centre of business and medical development.

The Director of the Institute for Tropical Medicine in Tübingen, Professor Peter Kremsner, has accompagnied Jomaa Pharma’s work for many years. As the head of the Albert Schweitzer Zentrum in Lambarene, he has been involved with most of the clinical trials regarding the fosmidomycin-piperaquine therapy. Citing Peter Kremsner, Die Welt states that with the ongoing absence of serious side effects, the drug could be ready for marketing in about two years.

Since almost all presently employed antimalarial therapeutics are threatened by drug-resistant malaria parasites, new drugs based on novel mechanisms of action are urgently required to continue to roll back malaria. In accordance with David Hutchinson Die Welt states that fosmidomycin-piperaquine has the potential of being a crucial weapon in the battle against malaria.

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